Car shuddering

I have a 06 Kia Sorento,130k miles.

In the past 2 months we’ve replaced the cam shaft sensor, alternator, spark plugs, valve cover gasket and all the vaccum hoses on the upper plenum. We just got it back from the garage on Thursday for it to start acting up again yesterday. Its shuddering like its misfiring again, but only momentarily before it goes back to normal. There is no CEL on as of yet, the battery and brake lights flickered yesterday but are off today. I’m at loss as to what the issue could be except maybe a wiring issue to the alternator or a vaccum issue. Any ideals?

Sounds like an electrical problem, Check connections and get alternator and battery tested. Many parts stores will perform the service for free.

My top of the head guess would be a body control module that’s going bad but a guess is all it is.

Most of your replies are guesses .

And most of yours are unhelpful. If you have a constructive suggestion for the OP let’s have it.