Car shakes while driving and idling

It started yesterday maybe 20 miles after I filled my tank with gas.

The car started shaking while i was driving at random every few seconds and the rpm fluctuates like crazy. The slightest press of the gas could shoot the rpm to over 3000 and then it drops back down.

At idle the car also shakes at random and will shut off sometimes, if I rev the engine every so often it keeps the car running.

Is it spark plug? Clogged fuel injector? Anything else?

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?
Or–much more serious-- is the CEL flashing?

Neither. No lights

What is the model and the model year of your Chevy?
How many miles on the odometer?

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2014 Chevy Cruze Eco

Its over 99,000 miles

My WAG would be a vacuum leak.


Another possibility is bad gas.