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Car Service etiquette

When I picked up my car after a service (oil change, transmission fluid exchange, and alignment), I had black marks on my door, driver seat, and other areas in the car. Is this acceptable?

Not in my shop!!! We use paper seat and mat covers. And we wash our hands. I suggest you find a new place, or rightly complain and get a detail job out of them.

Not acceptable. Politely show the manager or write-up person the mess and see what they will do about it.

I also suggest that you calmly show the shop’s manager the grime on your car and request that it be properly cleaned.

Judging from the number of separate threads that you have created after this recent servicing (four separate threads with four separate questions, if I have counted correctly), it is clear that you are not happy with this particular shop. After they have cleaned up the mess that they made, I strongly suggest that you find a different shop.

It is clear to me that you will likely never trust any diagnosis that they give you and will probably question any fees that they might charge you in the future. Rather than live with anxiety every time that you visit this shop, you might be better-off with a new mechanic.

Ask friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers for recommendations on trustworthy independent mechanics, and also try utilizing the “Mechanics Files” on this site for recommended mechanics in your zip code.

Things can happen by accident, the accident being that if the mechanic had known he left marks he would have cleaned them up, very unfortunate,was the work good otherwise?

I had a car on the rack and I was spraying some belt dressing from underneath(in the old v-belt days) and some of the dressing got transported up across the top of the fender by the moving belt, did not even see it till it was brought to my attention.