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Car seems to lose power at times

2004 kia spectra with 91,*** miles on it.

Our car seems to lose power when I accelerate from a stop sign or yeild sign. It dont happen on a dailey or weekly bases.

Seems to happen more in the summer time with the heat.

Along with that issue it has a rattling noise when i accelerate anytime.

Other issues i dont know if it is linked to the ones above.

Curent problems it has which is getting fixed next month is a small oil seep at the bell housing, cracked Rf inner boot, and a cracked belt. I found someone to repair it all for around $200.

I would check for brakes sticking or hanging up from clogged break line.
Loose or cracked heat shield could cause raddle.

The loss of power could be a failing fuel pump; especially if the fuel filter has never been changed. A fuel pump can be a hit and miss affair.

The rattling could also be an EGR system fault. You might get AutoZone, etc. to scan the car for codes to see if an EGR code is present. It’s also possible to have an EGR problem without any codes being present.
AutoZone will do this for you free and it only takes a few minutes.