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I am looking for a fun, sporty mom of one vehicle - any suggestions? I have a Miata, which I love, but it really does not work with the baby. I am not a fan of station wagons or family vans. Really like the Infiniti FX35 - just not its price tag.

Mazdaspeed3? Or, for better mpgs, Mazda 3? Or VW GTI?

Wow. It’s going to be hard to get driving satisfaction moving from a Miata to a mommobile.

Altima perhaps?

Stp by the bookstore and pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide. That’ll show all the options out there, provide some good information, and you can test drive the ones that look good.

For about 10 grand less than an FX35, you can get a Mazda CX-7 GT, which will be fun to drive. I’ve had one almost a year now and have loved every trip I make in it. Both AWD versions get about the same fuel mileage. I imagine the FX35 takes 91 octane, and I know the CX-7 turbo does, so that’s food for thought. Though there is a non-turbo version that’ll net a bit better economy and will run on 87.

The Nissan Murano is similar to the FX35. Infiniti is the upscale version of Nissan. Have you looked at the Murano? The Murano S starts under #30,000. Be sure to give it a thorough test drive. Some folks aren’t pleased with the CVT transmission. But you might like it.

Another possibility is the Mini Countryman. There is a review in this weekend’s USA
Today. The Countryman S starts at $25,000 and the S ALL4 is about $27,000 to start. The reviewer liked its handling and room a lot.