Car repair


TOday, i jus went for my oil change, for every 3000 miles…

my car is old, i’m the 2nd hand owner of this camry 1996 toyota and i jus bought it last year.

I have been going for oil change very regularly for everyy 3000 miles…

the last time i checked, it was fine, nothing is wrong…

and this time i check (which is over 400 miles) i have too many problems.

what i wanna know is… do they cost this much?

rear brake shoes - worn ($200), brake system flush - dirty ($90), valve - leaking oil ($100), left half shaft - boot cracked : leaking grease - ($250), 4 wheels alignment - new tires - $400, steering flush - dirty ($90), cooling system flush - $120, transmission flush - $160, replace fuel filter - $65, fuel delivery system cleaning - $130, timing belt - $560, spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor… and yes i did have problem with starting my car (1-2 times) (new) - $330