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Car-related Xmas gift for 18-year-old high-school senior (male)

What would a good stocking stuffer be (max. $25) for a h.s. senior who is crazy about his car (Toyota) and fixing it up (stereo and other hormonally driven projects).

Gift card to buy gasoline.

A gift certificate at crutchfield comes to mind. They are in my book one of the greats.

Describe the kinds of work that he is most often doing with the car.

Tools tools tools…

If you can find one, get him a die cast model of his car

I agree tools tools tools. One year my dad gave me his entire tool collection, and my uncle gave me his old tool chest. Best gifts I’ve ever had. Another twist would be a special tool (maybe he couldn’t afford) to do something to his car that he has been wanting to. Like a pocket scan tool you can get them pretty cheap now, but they come in handy.

For $25 you could purchase the following items: 1)battery terminal puller; 2)battery cable terminal and post brush; 3)tire pressure gauge; 4) auto wax. I find these items very useful.

+1! Nothing cooler than big and little versions of your car (coming from a 24 year old male… too bad I’ve only got the “little” version of Ferrari’s F50!) You can get anything from matchbox-size (which is a good stocking stuffer) to a well-constructed 1:18 or 1:24 scale, which will cost around $30-$50 (shipped) depending on what kind of car he has. Check Ebay or just google it - there’s lot of sites that sell them.

I’ll also second Triedag’s tire pressure gauge suggestion - get him one of the accurate “round-dial” ones (there’s a good one in the Shameless Commerce division) because they’re a lot better than the “stick” types. Good tool for an 18 year old to prod him towards really learning about and caring for his car.

If it’s a bit of a fixer-upper (or if he wants to understand it more), the scan gauge is a great idea. Really lets him figure out what that Check Engine Light means, and he can research it a bit before taking it to a mechanic (at which point he’ll be educated enough to ask meaningful questions and really understand the repair/work.) I can’t remember the link to a good one I found recently, but they’re under $100 (so maybe more of an actual “present” than a stocking stuffer.)

They make die cast models of the Camry? It would have to be beige I suppose. Sort of an “inaction” figure. I’m staggered than an 18 year old would be crazy about a decidedly dull, appliance-like car.

“I’m staggered than an 18 year old would be crazy about a decidedly dull, appliance-like car.”

Perspective! The young man doesn’t know any better. And it’s good to be happy with what you’ve got. And I’m sure that your taste has been refined since you were 18.

My tastes in cars has prety much stayed the same since I was about 11 :slight_smile:

I’m sure they’d have a “Dubz” version where it’s all “tricked out” with lolhueg rims, funky paint job, and huge spoiler on the back.

A subscription to a Tuner magazine. You can select one at the local bookstore.

I also like Pignsteak’s idea of a small cast metal version of the car, perhaps 1/24th scale. I myself have such reminders of some of my old buggys, and wish I had them all. I have my '61 Beetle, my '72 Vega, my '64 Fairlane, and a poor version of my current '05 tC. There’s a lot omre I wish I had.