Car radio white noise when not connedted to channel

Why does my car radio make a white noise when not connected to a FM channel? Can I disable this sound? It has sound like this White Noise - YouTube

Tune in a station, maybe? Put in a CD/tape etc.? Turn off the radio if there is no other audio input, or stations available? That’s what most people would do.

It works at it should,I just want disable this hissing sound,if it is possible.

I don’t think it’s possible. To avoid it use the ‘scan’ button or the channel pre-sets.

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That feature is called “muting.” It used to be common in home receivers and tuners but now that there are station presets it’s less necessary. I don’t know if there are aftermarket units available with “muting” but a car audio shop might have one.

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Here it is (was?) on the Marantz tuner I used to own:

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This is an odd question. Why do you want to leave your radio tuned to a non-station?

I use FM transmitter and when turning off engine or FM Transmitter and radio still is on it has hissing noise.

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. when you shut your vehicle and the radio stays on, just open your door and the radio shuts off. if you shut your engine off and you are staying in your vehicle, then tune in a station or turn the radio off.

I don’t want turn it off,I just want it to be silent when no station.

Why? Is it a too easy, no tech solution. Quit looking for non existent problems. Just turn the darned thing off. Or is it too difficult to remember to turn it back on?

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This is very unlikely to be a setting that you can control, given that apparently you have some sort of base stereo system (if it doesn’t even have aux, USB, or Bluetooth inputs). Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you told us exactly what car you have here.

It’s Toyota Townace Van (2005y).
radio has aux,but no bluetooth.

In that case, I’m surprised you wouldn’t use the aux input. The sound will be higher quality and you won’t have this issue that annoys you.

It is better.but when I use aux and usb cable together it has static electricity noise then.

the only other thing i can add is try a car stereo shop. maybe they can put on a noise suppressor or some type of noise filter. also, you could have a bad ground

If the radio is only noisy when on FM without a station tuned in but quiet on the other inputs you may hearing background radiation. This comes from stations too far away to hear, the sun, large transformers, etc If any input gives the hiss turn the volume down

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If the auxiliary and USB cables are parallel they might be acting as an antenna and generating a signal that becomes the white noise when the signal gets to your radio. Try twisting the two wires together and hold them together with a rubber band or tape. See if the hiss improves. If it doesn’t or improves but is still present, try wrapping the wires in aluminum foil while they are still stranded together and cover the ends too. This is only a test to see if the antenna idea has merit. I am not suggesting that you leave the wires this way.

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In order to do what you want to do you will need to connect the power for the FM transmitter to same power source that is supplied to the radio. That will keep them both on at the same time. The unmodulated RF carrier from the transmitter will quiet the noise level in the radio receiver, on the channel they are tuned to together on.

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