Car problem, help needed

Hey everyone, was hoping for some thoughts and advice. I have a 2014 Nissan Sentra that has been good to me. On the ride home last night, a bunch of lights came on on the dashboard. Oil, battery, check engine, etc lights. The car stayed on along with the radio, but I could not accelerate and had to press hard on the brakes to stop and couldn’t turn the wheel once I stopped in a parking lot. I turned the car off and when it turned back on, everything was normal for the last 30 minutes of the ride. No issues at all and no lights. Just wanted to advice on what it might be, my thoughts were alternator cause I know it can make it do weird things. I’m gonna take to a mechanic in the morning but just worried about it. Thanks

A bad BCM can cause that.


It sounds like the engine stalled.


Yep, as Steve stated, the engine stalled. There can be many reasons this occurred.

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