Car Plunging in Water


This isn’t really a question - its a comment about today’s newspaper column. I read here occasionally, but joined so I could post this.

The guys on MythBusters HAVE deliberately plunged a car into water, surrounded by tv cameras and rescue divers. The correct way to get out of a sinking car is to float in the cabin until water is within about 2" of the roof. At that time pressure in and outside the car will be equal and it will be easy to open the door and swim out.

A summary of the experiment has been posted on Wikipedia - http://en…_(season_5)#Underwater_Car


That’s good to know. And, it’s rational. Unfortunately, when people panic, they aren’t rational; but, perhaps, there may be that one small moment, when the panicking person does stop the panic for that moment of clear, lucid, thought. Let’s hope this show might be the cause of such a pause, should the occasion arise.


Even better, get the window down before you lose your electrical system and go out through the open window. No need to wait until the car fills up – you’ll be in panic mode long before the pressure on the door equalizes.


Always keep a screw driver handy. I watched where if you take a pointed object like a Ice pick or a phillips screw driver and apply pressure to the center of the window it will shatter.