Car periodically won't idle

A couple of months ago my 96 dodge avenger started not idleing. It only does this only sometimes. I will come to a stop light and push the clutch in and the car’s rpm’s will just drop to 0 and it will die. I have to ride the gas pedal to get it to idle. Occasionally the car will idle about 3-400 rpm’s faster then usual. 70%+ of the time the car idles fine. Thanks for any help.

The idle air control valve (iac) is suspect in this. It may be sticking because of stuff built up on it. Use Throttle Body Cleaner in the air passages going through it. A more thorough cleaning would be done by taking it out and cleaning. It’s a fairly easy job.

I would also be looking at the IAC. In addition to cleaning it check the wiring & harness - clean the connection (electronics cleaner) when you clean the IAC. If you pull it off to clean it be sure to have a new gasket handy. (They’re not always easy to find - you can cut one if needed).