Car overheating

I had my car coolant system flushed. When they did the water pump went out. Shortly after that the ac hose blew out. I have had the ac compessor replaced, a new water pump, radiator, thermastat, timing chain, serpentine belts replaced and a new cap for the radiator and a new cap for the overflow jug. It is still overheating very quickly and very hot. I’m afraid it may have a blown head gasket. What else could it be?

Knowing the year, make, model and engine of the car you’re talking about would tend to help with the diagnosis.

Ahh! Of course it would. it is a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus LXI 2.5L 6 cylinder

The term “flush” can mean several things. If a chemical flush was used, then I’m not surprised that you are having these problems. They do bad things to rubber. That leads to a question, did you have the upper and lower radiator hoses replaced? If not, the rubber could have become de-laminated and is blocking the flow of coolant.

If you had a mechanical flush done, that is with a flushing machine, then you should not have as much damage. You could still have a hose that de-laminated due to age that is causing your problems. It is also possible that any one of the components that you had replaced could be defective, out of box failure. Most likely would be the thermostat, water pump second choice.

With the engine warmed up, radiator cap off, rev the engine a little and see if you can see coolant flowing in the top of the radiator. If not, something is blocked or the new water pump isn’t working.

Almost forgot something, they may have left the temp sensor for the fan disconnected. Usually when this happens, the car wont overheat when the car is moving at 40 mph or better but will quickly overheat as you slow down or idle for any length of time. Both fans should be running when the AC is on. That’s an easy check too.