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Car overheated now it wont start

I have a 98 honda civic ex and it over heated abd shut off on me. Ive refilled the radiator with 50 50 coolant and water. It will act like its going to start buy just cranks. I was thibking maybe starting fluid

Check your oil before trying to start it. Running a car that is overheating to the point wear it shutoff can have all sorts of nasty consequences. If the oil level is good. Then look for for anything that might have melted.
Then maybe you could try starting fluid, but highly recommend you have a fire extinguisher standing by.

Overheating is not a good thing in general. The engine shutting off on you after overheating is bad.

I’d take it (have it towed) to a mechanic. Don’t be surprised if your engine is toast.

Sorry. Good luck.


Honda’s that age frequently have problems with the head gasket leaking, one of the symptoms is overheating. @ledhed75 is right


Compression test is where I’d start.