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Car Overheat Need opinion

Hello there

tonight i was driving to home and suddenly i hear a POP noise and seconds later the Dash Temperature indicator turns on i inmediatly went off the road and turn off the car .

when i open the hood there was no smoke coming out from the engine i was expting a lot of smoke but no smoke i remove the radiator cap and there was no pressure on the radiator and no water either i called the tow and they take the car to my home on my home i fill the radiator with water there was no leak , i turn on the car the fans worked after 5 min but i notice that the spring and the gasket that is no the radiator cap is missing also i notice that the radiator no longer holds pressure i drive the car with the damage radiator cap for 10 min and the car didng overheat

the mechanic says he needs to check the complete car

my dad say just replace the radiator cap

wich i havent replace in about 4 -5 years

toughts here ?

the car is a toyota echo 2001 with 120K miles on it manual trans

Hello Jorge, Fill with water then pressure test the cooling system, if all is good (no leaks, holds pressure) fill with 50/50 mix (you can decide if you want to put a thermostat in, I would) replace cap and give it a test drive, pay close attention to hoses that look good but are really soft or bulging where you can’t see.

Never had it happen but it sounds like you blew the radiator cap which caused the loss of coolant in the radiator which caused the over-heating. A radiator with a bad cap will not build pressure. So do as Old School describes and see if you have an over-heating problem yet.

Buy and install a new radiator cap. Make sure the cooling system is full of the correct 50/50 mixture of water and anti-freeze, then monitor the situation very closely. If you’re lucky the problem will be solved.

and i guess the reason i run out of coolant can be related to a radiator cap that doesnt holds pressure is that so?
i will get the cap today i leave the car in home so i will test it tomorrow morning and post updates thanks a lot for your advise guys

well i just want to close the topic by thanking the support .
the problem was solved with a cheap $8 radiator cap so far no problems at all car works and runs great