Car Noise

My engine is extremely loud and I have no idea why. It kind of shakes a little.

What year, how many miles?
What has the maintenance history been?
Can you describe the noise?
Under what conditions does it shake?
Are there any other symptoms?

2006, 110,000miles
I get regular oil changes and I just got a tune-up last month
the engine is loud…its not clicking noise or anything.
It shakes when its idle( sitting in traffic or in a park)
No there are no symptoms…It drives just fine but it just doesn’t ride at smooth as it used to.

110,000 miles in 3 years or so? Wow! You sure do drive a lot.

Unfortunately, the vague description of the noise (“loud”, “not clicking or anything”) does not help us very much. My best guess is that you have a leak somewhere in the exhaust system–anywhere from the manifold to the muffler. Since this is a potential Carbon Monoxide issue, I urge you to have this possiblity checked out a.s.a.p.

If the engine is shaking at idle, that could indicate that your motor mounts are bad. Bad motor mounts will allow the engine to move sufficiently to cause a break in your exhaust system, as well as many other components. This car needs to be taken to a mechanic!

My thoughts exactly.