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Car noise *link included*

Hi, I have a 2007 Cobalt. Since last year it made a noise coming from what sounds like the tires. When driving on the highway I would hear it with the radio off. I was told it was tire noise. However, now I hear and feel it. It’s more like a rhythmic thumping maybe? I am uploading a clip of the noise.

It is noticeable the most when driving fast and the not touching the break or the gas pedal. Also, my wheel is starting to sound like it needs power steering fluid. Like that “eek” noise.

I’m not sure if this is related but ever since I got the car, every
time I go over a pot holes, it sounds link tin foil scrunching up.

The car runs great. It gave me no issues until now. I am bringing the car into Pepboys when I get paid on Friday. I’m just worried about how much money to have prepared.

Can anyone listen to this and let me know what this sounds like it could be? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!

Here’s video of the noise I recorded:

The sound on the recording is so indistinct that I really couldn’t hear much of anything other than normal road noise. Perhaps some other forum members with younger ears will hear something that I didn’t.

However, I am sure about one thing, namely that you should NOT be taking the car to Pep Boys or any other chain operation if you are seeking good diagnostic and repair skills. Instead, I suggest that you get recommendations from friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives regarding a really good independent mechanic’s shop in your area.

Or, you might want to click on the Mechanics Files link at the top of the page in order to find recommended mechanics in your zip code.

Actually just sounds like an out of round cheap tire or maybe it needed balancing and now has worn egg shape. I don’t know but I agree Pep Boys are not your friends.

I hear a little something, but I can’t tell what it is. It sounds like two or three beats per second. I’d guess something with the tires. Check the tire pressure and make sure they are filled properly first and see if that helps. If you still have the noise, rotate the tires front to rear and see if the sound moves. These can be no-cost or low cast steps to take before you start asking mechanics for advise.

I agree with the other folks concerning Pep Boys. Unless you know someone there and trust them, or know that this particular store has experienced mechanics, I would avoid them. Pep Boys usually hires inexperienced mechanics because they pay less than the dealer or some private garages. Inexperienced mechanics are more likely to throw parts at a problem rather than try to figure out what is really wrong. You could have your front suspension replaced when all you need is air in your tires.

Speaking of tires, how much tread is left? If you are down to the wear bars, you might just need new tires.

It sounds mostly like flat tire, lug nut loose, mud guard hitting on something, or in worst case hub assembly. Search for a mechanic and go for the one with high number of reviews with say 4 out of five or better score. Do not just go somewhere becuase if has brand name or it is close. This might have a very inexpensive or even free fix. Go to your local auto part store and ask for advice too.

It sounds to me like a bad tire. Have you tried to swap the rear tires with the fronts, and see is the sound then moves to the rear of the vehicle???
The sound of tin foil could just be a loose heat shield bouncing around.