Car making a noise at just over 2000rpm

Hello there I’ve got a noise just a little over 2000rpm it’s like a metal noise comming from underneath the car I have got a video of it but won’t let me upload for some reason any help or advice is appreciated

Via cyberspace, and without being able to hear it, my best guess is that a heat shield on the exhaust system is loose or is bent. Have it put up on a lift to determine the exact cause.


Ok thanks for the reply I have tried to upload a mp3 of it but it says I’m not allowed

Agreed on the muffler/heat shield noise.

I had something similar happen on a GMC pickup once. There was a strange metal rattling noise at highway speeds, around 2000-2500 RPM. Turns out it was the muffler, something was rattling inside just at that engine speed. A new muffler solved the problem.

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upload it onto Youtube, then link to it here