Car maintenance records

I bought a corolla back in august from a local dealership. I was wondering is there anyway that I can obtain the service records. It was leased and serviced at the dealership that I bought it from.

How should I go about getting those service records? I don’t care if they cross out his name and whatnot.


Go to the service department, talk to the manager, and ask him if you can purchase any service history information they have about the car.

Simple as that.


Have you asked the dealer if they will share the information with you?

You could run a Carfax check on the vehicle and see what turns up.

Have not checked with the dealer because I wasn’t even sure if this was possible. So I wanted to check before I called up and asked. I wouldn’t mind paying a small amount for them because it could be a lot to print. I did run the carfax before I bought it and there was a couple things on there but not too much. The old owner did leave two or three old receipts in the car but I would just like to have as many as possible.

The dealer should be able to print out the full service records (or at least a summary) of what they have in their database. This does not mean that they will do this upon request, but they can do it.

I sent an email to the service manager. He said he can’t print it very legibly but he said he would be more than happy to show me if it stop in with the VIN. Thanks to all who replied

You could run a Carfax check on the vehicle and see what turns up.

Carfax won’t show service records…and will only show problems IF they’re reported.

Try registering here:
I believe you can pull up all service that was done at a Toyota dealer.

Thanks, that’s awesome