Car limp mode and engine light on

Hi all,

I have 2014 Volkswagen Passat 3.6l
I was driving and all of sudden car acceleration went down below 40 Kmph and could not accelerate it over that speed and check engine light went on. I think that’s car limp mode.

Can you guys tell me what might cause that as i do not know much about car repairs? I shut down car for few minutes and looks like limp mode is gone and engine light turned off but what do you recommend? Should I take it to mechanic? Or is there anything I can check and fox by myself?

I got the alarm codes, I had p0420 before as well I also got 17130 Pressure control P0746

Thank you in advance.

First thing that needs to be done is, pull the codes to determine what caused the Check Engine light to turn on



As Tester mentioned, what is needed at this point is to have the Diagnostic Trouble Codes “read”. In the US, most auto parts stores will do this without charge, but I don’t know if that is the case in your country.

As to what you can fix by yourself, with all due respect, since you admit that you don’t know much about car repairs, I don’t think you have any alternative but to take it to a competent mechanic’s shop for repair. Since the car won’t cure itself, continuing to drive it could cause a relatively inexpensive repair to morph into a very expensive repair.


Yes I got the trouble codes
P0420 cat system efficiency which I had before too
P0746 pressure control


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Inasmuch as you have what appears to be a bad catalytic converter and transmission problems, I doubt there’s anything you can do beyond preparing for a very large repair bill.


Yes , because this is your third thread about this vehicle . So it is resonable to think that you will not be able to solve this .


According to Tester’s post, I think you need to take it to an honest transmission shop. It may or may not be major if it is a solenoid. I had the sol pack replaced in my Olds when it went to limp mode and it cost somewhere around $250 for all four.

Hi all,
I took my car to couple of mechanics and they suggested me to take it to dealership and went to volkswagen today morning.
As my limp mode was reset because car was off whole night they couldnt find any trouble codes, they could only get history of codes but during diagnosis they found a large vaccum leak and worn out serpentine belt.

Do you guys think vaccum leak is causing limp mode on?

Really appreciate your replies

What was vac leak due too? How did they repair it?

I have no idea, but thats what he said like had large vaccum leak and my serprentine belt was covered with oil. They had ordered gaskets and cover.

You can ask mechanic. Split hose? $5. Warped plastic intake? >$5

No. The code said a stuck solenoid in the transmission. Not having a current code means it is not currently stuck. Having a history code says that it was stuck. Attention needs to be paid to the solenoids. How would a belt cause that? You need to see a transmission shop.