Car just died

06 crown victoria I was driving then the gas just stops working then it died planty of battery car won’t stay lit???

Is there any gasoline in the tank?

31/4 tank and fuel pump is less then 6 months old

HOW did it die? Suddenly, or, was there bucking, first?
Sudden stalling, usually, indicates an electrical or electronic cutoff.
Is stalling the reason the fuel pump was changed, before?

They just checked the whole electric system now they are changing the fuel pump

HOW did the engine die?

Going bout 20mph then gas stop working pushing on it pumping it nothing works, it starts but cuts off within 5secs or so by the time the tow came it don’t start no more.

It’s fixed now tow$70 part/labor$175 $245 total

This is the second fuel pump, now? Did they change the fuel filter? There may not be an external fuel filter. What YEAR is your Crown Vic?