Car is running weird

So after around minutes of driving my car begins to jerk and the rpm meter catches up with the speedometer. And it just runs like that! My car gets a little shaky and the engine gets louder. I notice that if I speed around 60mph the rpm would be around 3500-4000. And if I speed 70 or 80mph the rmp would be around 4500-5500. What is the problem? I drive a Ford focus 2010.

I see a Check Engine light on, ABS light on, and a stability control light on.

Start with the Check Engine light.



Head on over to an Autoparts store, Advance, Autozone etc. Call 1st to make sure they will do it with Corona limitations. They usually read the codes for free. Post the code here, it will look like P1234, it will give a good idea of where to start.

I think you have transmission issues. Your motor rpms are too high. What were typical revs at 60mph previously? Around 2200 or so? Do you have a DCT trans? Google focus trans issues/dct trans. I’m not sure when they appeared. 2012?


Yeah. The typical revs were around 2200 rpm when at 60mph. I don’t think I have a DCT trans.

The DCT didn’t come out (in the U.S.) until the third gen Focus came out in 2012. The OP’s car has a conventional automatic. However it could still be the problem or related to the problem.

A wild guess . . . your automatic transmission isn’t in the highest gear at 60mph, and it most likely should be. Assuming you have a 5spd automatic, I’d say you should be in 5th at freeway speeds, but it sounds like you’re in 4th at best

Could be something as simple as a solenoid or speed sensor . . . could be something much more expensive

hard to say without at least knowing what code(s) you have

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DCT didn’t get added to the Focus until 2012.

@David-505 you definitely need to get the CEL codes read, but dumb question, you didn’t happen to bump the O/D off button on the gear shift did you? I don’t see the light turned on on your dash, but the bulb could’ve burned out…If that’s not it, I would agree with everyone else, you likely have a transmission issue. Have you been changing your transmission fluid every 30-50k miles?

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Yes I have already changed my transmission fluid but it still runs weird

3500 rpm @ 65 mph for 4 months?

Yes. Well it’s been doing that a long time now.

There’s no more useful for us to say until you give us CEL codes.

Actually it’s been giving out the code p0171. Which means oxygen sensor bank 1 is too lean?

P0171 is likely a vacuum leak.
Maybe faulty gasket or hose.
Would behoove you to troubleshoot and fix that.
Don’t just throw parts at it.

With the CEL (money light) on the trans might be in a “limp home” mode, locking out top gear.


Also if your engine is way down on power your transmission will downshift to gain or maintain speed depending on your throttle setting.