Car is running hot only while sitting still and i am losing coolant pretty rapidly

So i have a 1996 honda accord, it has 253k miles, i know, alot of miles. Well, i noticed it has been losing coolant pretty fast, i would fill it up with coolant and it would run out by the next day. I also notice that when i am sitting still, it runs hot, not sure if that goes along with it losing coolant rapidly or if that could be something else. I checked my oil dipstick the other day, it doesnt seem to have coolant mixing in with the oil, so i dont think it would be a head blown, i know i do need a gasket changed, but not an actual head for the engine. I havent noticed any coolant in my driveway, then again i shouldnt have a leak, i just had the radiator, thermostat, water pump and the bell housing all changed a couple months ago. I also noticed that i am running low on oil more often as well. The other day, after i topped it off with oil, it was blowing out white smoke off and on and then it stopped, what could that be? Please help me, i need this car to last me a couple more months before i can retire it.

compression test. I had a microcrack in cylinder. only lost fluid when engine got warm or when car sat for several days and in certain slope and if the cyl was in down stroke.

When the car is sitting idling for a few minutes the electric radiator fan should come on if the temp gauge is moving beyond the middle zone. Are you sure the cooling fan(s) are working?

Firstly, do not rely on the fluid on the dipstick to tell you whether or not you have coolant. Oil is significantly lighter than coolant, and if there were coolant in the pan, an overnight rest would be plenty to allow the coolant to sink to the bottom and you may not see it on the dipstick. It may, however, leave an ugly, gump residue on the radiator opening & cap.

The first thing I’d do is a leakdown test. The kit is affordable, the test easy on that engine, and that’ll tell you definiteively if you have a headgasket breech.

Post back with the results.