Car insurance


What’s the time frame to consider when to get just liability insurance instead of full coverage? I have a 1995 4-Runner & I am thinking of changing to liability coverage only.


I don’t think there is any time frame, don’t take that kind of a chance. Keep the full coverage and protect yourself.


A few considerations are what is the cost of collision and comprehensive insurance?

Basically by removing these coverages you risking the average market value of your vehicle which I am guessing is about $3000-$4000.

If you have the emergency cash to cover the entire or partial loss I would say drop the coverage.


Edmunds says the replacement cost on a 1995 4Runner is about $5K. If you can afford a new truck in the unlikely event of an accident, drop the coverage.


The short answer is that you don’t need full coverage if you can afford to “self insure” (write a check to replace the vehicle if it is totaled). Obviously, that dollar amount will vary between people. You may chose to maintain full coverage even if you can afford to replace the vehicle.


Anytime you decide you don’t want a dime for the car if something happens. If the windows get broken out or you wreck it, as long as you’re just willing to either pay it all yourself or walk away. I’ve got one car with just liability so costs me maybe $150 a year to just let it sit in the garage and an occassional short trip.


I agree with the prior posters, but I think you should ask about uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The replacement cost of your car is pretty easy to calculate and you can decide about the risk, but the potential injuries you can have from some bonehead with 20,000 coverage slamming into you are huge. I carry liability and underinsured/uninsured on everything I drive.