Car inspection

Just bought a used car from a dealership in June and now im having problems. Problems that cost me over 1,000 to fix. What was the $1,000 for? They sold me a car with a excessively worn water pump and a old timing belt. Turns out the timing belt is suppose to be changes every 60,000 miles. Now, even though i bought the car with 66,000 miles and have now only added 2,000 miles in a 2 month period of buying the car, the dealer says i should have changed it. The way i see it, if i bought the car with 66,000 miles they should have changed it. Just like your suppose to have good oil in your car when u first buy it from a dealer. Your not expected to buy the car and change the oil right away. Now im finding out from the main dealer of my car that the car inspection gets a grade"c". What caused it to get a grade C? Motor mounts are broken and my lower control arms are deteriorating. Do u think a grade C car is worth buying? And why is it that lawyers seem like their afraid of the lemon law? I have been turned down by 3 different lawyer companies already.