Car Inspection Sticker - Problem with car sensor - cant pass exam

It kind of amazes me that someone can have a problem that has been ongoing for several years and yet has no idea of what code, what sensor, or anything else about this car.

The OP states they KNOW they have a faulty sensor but apparently have no clue which one and yet they want someone to tell them how to rig around a mystery sensor so they won’t have to actually fix the car properly.

It will be something else if this “sensor” turns out to be the root cause of a clogged catalytic converter in the future; which in turn may barbecue the engine. In retrospect the price of that sensor may have been a pretty good deal after all.

After reading this thread, I believe the poster has fallen asleep or got side-tracked with Mbs alien posts. (Btw Mb, your posts were more entertaining than the posters attitude.)

Wake up calls aren’t going to work on the op.

Gosh golly you guys, the guy is asking for a little help. My first inspection fun started in 1964 when I entered the Army at Ft. Riley Kansas. We had to pass an inspection on post to get a “sticker”. I was driving a 1960 Ford Falcon. Up on the rack, the inspector has my engine running and he plugs the exhaust for I don’t memember how long till it does blow a small hole. Nope, no sticker. Back to infamous Junction City for about 30-40 dollars for a new system. Haven’t trusted the inspection system since and never will.

good luck saqirich…hope a ‘non elitist’ comes forward to help…