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Car in Storage

My family has a 1974 Chevy Caprice Classic titled in the State of Illinois. The car, however, has been in storage, in the State of Florida, since 1983. The family moved to FL that year and the car was never registered, titled or driven. I’m looking to sell the vehicle by owner, as-is. What kind of doo-doo am I in when it comes to the DMV? I can’t find any info regarding my scenario. I would prefer to retitle and register in Florida, then sell and transfer to the new owner. I just want to avoid late fees, penalties, etc… if those penalties even exist.

Easy way to find out and get accurate information is to visit or call the Florida DMV.

There are no late fees.

If I were you I wouldn’t spend ANY money. Just sell it “as is, where is,” and let the new owner sort it out. If you try to register and drive this car you’re opening a can of worms. Cars that have been sitting for 20 years or more are money pits. Bottomless money pits.

As long as you have the title from Illinois you are good. No late fee’s. You don’t have to register the car to sell it.

You need to check the name(s) of the owners as per the title. If the listed owner is still alive, easy. If the owner has passed away you need a legal opinion on who will sign the title over to the next owner. It is likely the executor of the estate.

Take the title to a Florida DMV office and let them direct you in how to proceed with selling the car.

I agree “Usually a car becomes an antique at 25 years old.” so you can say it qualifies. Advertise and sell it that way and don’t worry about anything else other than the title. I doubt the car runs w/o lots of work so registering it is immaterial.