Car heating issue

I have a 2002 Ford Taurs and I noticed the other day that the coolant was low so I added some. The next day when I turn on the heat it blew cold air. The theromostat reading went up rather high, but when I touched the hood of the car after arriving at my destination ~ 15 miles away, it felt cool, almost too cool for traveling so far on the highway. Is this a thermostat issue or something else?

I suspect you’re losing coolant, and your engine water jacket is 1/2 filled with air.

I’d suggets you get the system pressure checked, repair the leak, refill the system, and purge the air out. Then refill again.

i am not that good with fords,but some car coolant systems have to be bled.just like the brake system.if there is air it won’t work right.this is because the engine lies higher than the could be the thermostat,and also the blend door…

FYI, touching the hood is a very poor way to evaluate the engine temp. In addition, thermostat does not read anything. It is a temperature-sensitive valve that opens when the engine warms, allowing coolant to flow to the radiator, and closes when it is cool.