Car hard to start



I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu with 63,000 miles. Lately I have been having a hard time starting the car. After 4 times the car turns over. Now I am driving around a mile and the car dies out and then when I try to start the car again having a hard time starting it. Taken it in but they keep saying they see nothing wrong. Any suggestions on what is wrong.


Would suggest having it scanned for codes. Advanced Auto & Auto Zone will scan for free & give you the code. You can post the code here & likely someone will translate it for you.


Your post is a little vague. When you say ‘hard time starting…’ do you mean that the starter motor does not crank the engine or that the starter motor turns the engine with its regular vigor but the engine does not fire and run on its own?

The answer will depend on what the car is actually doing when it doesn’t ‘start’.


See responses to “2002 Venture Van Won’t Start”. After you get further information, bring it here for comments.