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Car does not run

Our 2000 Windstar has 90K miles on it. Believe it or not we have not had any problems with the car since we bought it new in '00. In the past month the check engine light came on. We had it checked. The car had been running lean but there was no indication of this at the time. The 'light" was cleared and that was that. It stayed off for about 3-4 weeks. Thinking it was the “running lean” problem we continued to use the car with no apparent problems. My wife went out to start the car this morning and it would crank and start but fail to continue to run; unless of course you kept your foot on the gas pedal. Can you help me out with some advice on correcting this problem. have corrected itself

The problem might be in the idle Air Control circuit.

On the throttle body is a component called the idle Air Control valve/motor. This allows the engine to idle anytime the accelerator is released. This component can also fail where it hangs open where it allows too much air into the engine as the vehicle is driven. This extra air is detected by the oxygen sensor, but isn’t detected by the Mass Air-Flow sensor because the IAC valve is located upstream of the MAF sensor. When this happens, it sets a Too Lean code.

From what you’ve described, I’d be looking at the Idle Air Control valve/motor.


Removed and checked the IAC valve. The relay/valve was inoperative. Ordered a replacement at Advance Auto for $86. Dealer wanted $182. Will follow up after the new one is installed. Many thanks

Picked up my new idle air control valve and installed it. The windstar is up and running just like the day we bought it. Thanks Tester

Early Chri$tma$ pre$ent for Tester?