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Car clearance and turning radius

I am looking for the best, least expensive, good gas mileage car with the highest clearance and the widest turning radius. I live in mexico and because of the cobble stone streets and speed bumps I need higher clearance, turning radius because of the narrow streets and driveways

Car test reviews are going to be your best shot aside from driving each one.

Turning radius is a crap shoot from one car to the next. My 80 Bronco and my 79 short stepside chevy pickup have about the same wheel base but the chevy can’t make a u-turn in front of my house and the Bronco left two feet to spare.

I think you mean the smallest (tightest) turning radius instead of “widest turning radius”. I would be looking at a Subaru product. You don’t mention occupancy or capacity requirements so that may limit your options.

For most of your data you’d be best to look in the local bookatore at a Consumer Reports New Car Preview. That’ll compare all the options.

From those you’ll have to get the brochures for the ones you like to compare the turning radii. I don’t think anybody icludes that in their comparisons.

The Edmunds automotive site should have these stats in their car reviews. The Suzuki SX4 AWD might be worth a look.

Ed B.