Car cannot start, without light, and looks dead

Oh, in that case I would consider calling roadside help then. Thank you for the reminder

Yeah I think jump starting probably is not a good idea based on other’s comments. There are some YouTube videos showing how to remove the battery so probably recharging it would be a better option?

You don’t have to remove the battery to charge it. Or you can remove it, then charge it.

Do you have electricity near the car? If so, using a charger is simpler and safer than removing, moving twice, and reinstalling a battery. Set the charger at a slow charging rate (not the very low battery maintainer rate) and plan on a few hours or overnight of wait time. Modern chargers will turn themselves down to a trickle maintenance rate once the battery is charged, and will have indicator lights to tell you what stage it’s at.

One warning: if the battery is completely discharged, and the temperatures are very cold, its liquid may be frozen. That makes it more prone to sizzle or even explode if a charger is hooked up to it. So you’d want it to have a day or two at room temperature first.

If it is brand new I think you want a new battery. Who knows what the cause was according to you. Do you have the Mazda roadside assistance for this? Then call them and tell them the car is dead. Also it sounded like you are in a parking garage. There may be low clearance for a truck so check and let them know. Brand new car don’t deal with it.

Not a brand-new car, last year’s model.

Mazda roadside assistance (3 years/36,000 miles) will pay for a jump start or tow, it is up to the dealer’s policy if they will recharge the battery for free.

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The car is less than 1 year old, call the dealer and tell them they have a problem and they need to resolve it as soon as possible. Why are you wasting time on forums? This is a warranty problem! Unless there is something going on you’re not telling us about ie. Aftermarket installed stuff.


In that case, I will repeat what I stated earlier:
Every part of the car is under warranty–including the battery

This problem is the responsibility of the dealership to remedy, under the terms of the mfr’s warranty. Call for Mazda Roadside Assistance, have it towed–free of charge–to the dealership, and let them figure out the solution.

I tried turning off the engine in my Mustang while in neutral, alarm went off, dash flashed warning, vehicle not in park. I am surprised the OPs Mazda did not do that.