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Car alarms

anybody have a problem where the car alarm goes off for no reason and found a solution?

Sat down to watch tv and heard the alarm in the back driveway, went to investigate, nothing . cat? dog? turned it off and went back to sit down…BEE BEE BEE BEE ! WHATTHE… the remote is in my pocket with my keys …you know the rest .

Alarms are just nuisances these days-just disconnect it and be done with it. When they go off no one pays attention anymore. Besides thieves aren’t deterred by them in the slightest. Perhaps I’m biased from living in the city, but you’d get better protection from your steering wheel turned all the way to one side and some pedal locks.

Make, model, year? Every maker has his own factory alarm design, changes every few years, and even by model. And every system has it’s own particular quirks. The system in my Toyota has some unique features my Ford doesn’t have, so I have different ways of diagnosing chronic false alarms.