Car Air Condition Test


I recently had my 1995 Plymouth Minivan

air conditioning rebuilt by the dealership but it still seems not to get as cold as the original. What test and/or formula is used to test the required air cooling. I seem to remember a temp test dealing with outside air temp and required inside temp .



[b]I believe what you’re refering to is correcting gauge readings for ambient temperature.

As the ambient temperature changes, it effects the AC systems operating pressures. If this correction isn’t made while recharging an AC system, it can result in an undercharged or overcharged AC system. which in either case causes poor AC performance.



You might consider buying one of those A/C thermometers (think WalMart sells them cheap), and checking the outlet temps from the dashboard vents.

This should be done while traveling down an open road at a steady speed (45, 55 MPH, whatever).
JMHO on this, but I think you should have at least a 50 degree drop over the ambient temperature and that’s at a minimum.