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Car A/C

Help me settle a dispute: My wife says you have to shut off the car’s A/C before turning off the ignition. She believes that when you start the car with the A/C on, you ruin the A/C unit. I think the A/C compressor has a clutch that makes this unnecessary. Who’s correct?

You are correct. This question has been asked and answered many times in this forum.

You’re right, but if your wife doesn’t believe you, she probably won’t believe us either.

Ask her why all her friends and family, 99.9% of whom do not shut off the air conditioning before starting the car, aren’t making regular trips to the mechanic for new compressors. Also ask her why the manufacturer would omit putting instructions about this “problem” in the manual.

When the key is in the “start” position the AC compressor clutch circuit is not enabled. You are correct.

But you really should turn the AC off before turning off the ignition. Why? Because it makes your wife happy. Sometimes that’s all the reason that’s necessary.

Whoopee! I was right! Thanks! Of course, I may just keep that info to myself; this is marriage #3 and I’d prefer it to continue!

In that case, see my post below…

Thanks, all!