Can't take the smell from the air condition

The smell from the rear air conditioner of my wife’s Tahoe is just plain bad! The A/C was replaced about 2 years ago. The green liquid still flows to the ground when the rear A/C is on so it is not clogged. The smell is a combination of cow manure/electrical/mulch. Please help me as we are about to go on vacation and the Texas temps are 105 right now.

If the liquid flowing to the ground is green, then you’ve got problems. The condensation from the AC should be clear. You may have coolant leak. As for the smell, you can try spraying some lysol in the HVAC intake (the grill on top of the hood near the windshield).

Thank you for the quick reply. Please forgive me, I should have qualified the green color. I had the mechanic that replaced the A/C take a look about one month ago due to the smell. He said that they injected green dye in the system to look for possible leaks and there were none. At that time the liquid was green. Now the liquid is clear. Could the heater core be leaking and causing the smell?

Are there two AC evaporators in this vehicle, front and rear? If so there is a drain for each one. First thing to do is check the drains. In addition, leave the system in any position but OFF or RECIRCULATE/MAX. Make sure the outside air intake is clear of leaves and debris. If there is an air filter, change it unless it has just been done. The evaporator may need to be cleaned if it is badly clogged with junk. Post back if the simple stuff does not work.

Temporary relief may be gained by spraying Lysol into the air intake with the blower running.