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Cannot Start the Car

Every few other weeks, my Ford 92 cannot start, I can hear starter works hard, ask jump starter to help, same results. For three times, when my car is transported to the car shops and it starts right away!

Something is different between your home environment and the “car shops” environment. Until you, or a mechanic, figure out what that difference is you will continue to have this starting problem.

You haven’t given us much information to work with. Is there ANYTHING that is common to the times your Taurus won’t start? Temperature, time of day, weather conditions? Anything?

Also please tell us how many miles your '92 Taurus has accumulated, and give us some idea of its maintenance history.

Without this basic information you’re unlikely to get much help.

Check the fuel pressure using the valve on the fuel rail (should be greater than 30 psi).
You could have a faulty fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

Thanks for reply.

I replaced my starter 1 year ago. The strangest thing is it cannot start, but when it is tolled to the car shop (during the transport, moving and shaking), it start right away!!!
Is is possible the starter goes bad? I will have it checked on fuel system. I remember i had a similar car and similar issues, by chnaging a new starter, all are fixed.