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Can you recommend a used car dealership in Chicago?

I am a European who has moved to Chicago for a nine month period. I need a car, and wanted to see if I could find a dealership that could take care of insurance for me and hopefully buy the car back from me for an OK price when I leave.

I don’t have a very clear idea of what car I want to get. Resale value is the main issue, and I’ve heard Hondas and Toyotas are good in that respect.

Can you recommend me a good dealership?

That is a most unusual request, A nine month period expecting a dealer to buy a car back is unheard of in my book. Car dealers sell cars at the top of the price chain and buy them back at the bottom of the price chain. Insurance is a whole nother situation. If you can utilize public transportation, save the parking fees, and rent a car from like rent a wreck when you need one would be my advice.

Thanks for your reply, waterboy. I wasn’t aware that getting a dealer to buy back a car would be so hard – I believe that’s what my father did when we lived in California for a year in the early nineties. Anyway, public transport plus rental cars is unfortunately not an option, we have chosen to live a place where we are going to need a car of our own.

So the question still stands.

If getting a dealer to buy it back is not realistic, I guess I would just have to post it on craigslist or something when I leave?

You are right about Honda/Toyota having good resale value, so those vehicles you should be able to get most of your money back. A place like CarMax will buy your car from you without them trying to sell you a car as well.
Your biggest hurdle will be insurance, as you don’t have any driving experience, as far as they’re concerned.

Thanks, bscar! CarMax looks like a great place to sell the car back to. Insurance seems to work out all right, I talked to a company someone recommended called Safe Auto today, and they had no problems with my having a foreign driver’s license.

Honda and Toyota are one of the best car dealership in Chicago with good reputation to sell cars may it be brand new or used ones. They will surely have someone to assist you with the things you need and eventually meet your expectations. It would also be better if you can search online for better preferences aside from these two.