Can you open a car door with a tennis ball?

(I think I could with a bowling ball…)

There’s a video floating around showing a foxy young blonde opening a car door by putting a tennis ball with a hole in it over the lock and pushing. Apparently the air pressure is supposed to pop the lock open. Advice is to carry this tennis ball with the hole in it in your purse. Why not just put an extra key in the hole in the ball…? There’s a lot of buzz online too but I’d like the final word – i.e. Click and Clack’s opinion – about whether or not this really works.

No C&C here, just us…I can think of no reason this would work…

I don’t know about that but I once saw a guy pull a tennis ball out of a dixie cup, you could not tell now he did it no matterhow close you looked.

So now if the police find a tennis ball on you here in AZ they have probable cause to ask where your “papers” are?

Ha ha ha! Just in case, I’m carrying my passport and leaving my tennis balls at home. And a spare key in my passport.

“Apparently the air pressure is supposed to pop the lock open”

Not only that, but if you put a knife under your bed at night, it will cut your pain in half!

On a more serious note, this sounds like one more modern version of an old wives’ tale.
Last year, there was a video floating around that purported to prove that electromagnetic emissions from cell phones were powerful enough to cause popcorn to pop. In reality, there was an old magnetron tube rigged underneath the table on which the cell phones and popcorn were placed.

Video “proof” is not necessarily proof.

No I did not catch that one, but I did see the video of the foxy young blond with the golf ball and garden hose. Oh, sorry wrong forum.


So that’s why tennis players all run around in the best cars.

Great comments everybody, but any facts anywhere???

I saw this tested on Mythbusters. It was busted as a myth. If you don’t believe me, it will only cost you the price of a tennis ball to find out.

You can also check out these links:

P.T. Barnum was right.

That’s easy. Slit a tennis ball and insert a key in the slit with the end not quite protruding. Then put the tennis ball against the lock hole and push to insert the key, keeping the key hidden by the ball. Turn the ball.

We’re just now exploring what a foxy young blond can accomplish with a golf ball.

Keep it clean, friends. Don’t embarrass this foxy old brunette. :wink:

“…facts anywhere???”

Hmmm… that’s a tough one. Kind of like finding ‘facts’ that would disprove that, say, patting your head makes you smarter. When something is proposed that makes no sense, based on how something (door locks, in this case) works, additional facts aren’t needed.

If the electronic key in her hand locks the car door, doesn’t it make sense that it could unlock the car door?

Apologies. Just a bad Tiger Woods joke. I have the utmost respect for foxy ladies of all ages and hair color.

In the 1,001 videos that show people unlocking their cars with tennis balls, the other side of the car is usually out of sight of the camera. Most of them probably have someone standing or sitting in the passenger seat, pressing the power lock “unlock” button. Some of the others probably have someone off camera with a keyless remote.

I imagine the folks who made those videos, and the ones who say you can unlock the car with your cell phone, have a good laugh at all the suckers who spread these myths and don’t understand why it doesn’t work for them.

Interestingly simple solution. The very heart of illusion.