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Can’t find a vent shade for my 1963 Volvo Amazon

I am looking for a Auto Ventshade that will fit on my 1963 Volvo Amazon 122S. It not listed in any catalogs however I have seen some cars like mine with the stainless or chrome in channel vent shades installed, they look great. The manufacturer , AVS offers no assistance in providing part numbers based on window dimensions and their tech support provided nothing but negative answers to any suggestions even though they said this is a common question. I guess not common enough to think that hey maybe we should be prepared to provide some assistance? If anyone knows what other models use a vent shade for a window that is approximately 22 1/4 in wide please let me know. Thanks

You need Volvo specific Forums and this is basically a US forum so not many people here will know what a Volvo Amazon is.

You can’t find parts for a 57 year old Volvo??? WHAT kind of world are we living in!!!

Seriously… if you see a car like yours with vent shades, ask the driver where they got them. And as @VOLVO_V70 points out… find yourself a Volvo forum and ask them.


Also note that the Amazon was called the 122 in the US. Lots of forums on those cars.

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I’ve found a Volvo site that has scans of the factory parts catalog but i doubt accessories are included. Came up empty here and IPD

Have you tried :rofl:

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