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Can my tire with a nail in it be repaired? (pic)

I got a tire pressure warning, so I went to my local NTB, and they said that the location of the nail in my tire means that it can’t be repaired. When I googled it, it seemed less clear that it’s not repairable. I’d appreciate your input! thanks :slight_smile:


That looks to me like it goes through the belt and should be repairable. Close though. That tire doesn’t look to have a lot of life though so I would be reluctand to pay for a repair. I would probably just put a plug in it and replace it before any long trip.

I know that these days, a plug isn’t considered a proper repair,but I have driven many thousands of miles on plugged tires with never a failure. The worst that has ever happened was one that developed a slow leak.

My rule of thumb is that if a tire is less than half worn, I get it patched, more than half worn I plug it.

If nobody wants to ride with me, that’s OK. I like the silence.


Tire puncture repairs should only be performed between the outer tread groves of the tire, the shoulder area is not repairable.

Repair guide line are shown in this link;

2 thoughts:

  1. The rules say that is not a repairable area and any tire shop that repairs that tire would be doing so at their own legal risk - and most won’t do that.

  2. Technically, it’s a matter of risk. A repair there is less likely to fail than one nearer the shoulder - and even though the actual rate of repair failures is small, the consequences can be HUGE!! So many tire shops try to avoid those risks.