Can I just change the headlight bulb or do I need to just replace the whole headlight on 1991 Chevy van?

I have seen videos on youtube where they replace the whole headlight but can you just replace the bulb? This is for 1991 Chevrolet van.

Usually just the bulb, but sometimes the lens gets clouded up where you either have to use a headlamp polishing kits to make it clear again or replace the whole assembly.

if you have a astro van I believe you have a sealed beam headlight and have to change the whole thing.

I think he is right. In the long run, these are cheaper than the newer headlamp assemblies, and easier.

The G10 and G20 full size vans also have sealed beam headlights.

The end of an era. I’d buy a couple to have a spare.

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Awesome! Thanks everyone! It’s a G20.

Good advice

It was only a few years ago that I did a really thorough cleaning of my garage, and I decided that it was finally time to dispose of the spare G20 headlight for my LONG-departed '81 Chevy Citation. If you had been around, you could have scored this one gratis!

I replaced a sealed-beam headlight on my truck a couple years ago. IIRC the replacement unit was priced less than $10. OP, sometimes local auto parts store consider headlights high profit items. Suggest you check out the price at Rock Auto or some other internet auto-parts site to see what they charge for this headlight , before visiting your local auto parts store. Then you’ll have a price to compare against. If your local store charges considerably more, they might be willing to bring their price down a little if presented with the internet price.

When I was getting my 62 caddy ready to be a daily driver, I scored an NOS pair of T3 Guide headlamps at Hershey. I had forgotten how dim and yellow they were.