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Can I drive my Honda Odyssey with no grille?

Unfortunately, we hit a deer today and the grille completely broke apart, but otherwise we don’t see any damage. Is it safe to drive our Honda Odyssey van for a few days without a grille? It would be on both backroads and highways at speeds up to 75 mph. Thank you!


It can be driven but the grille does provide some protection from rocks, birds and debris from damaging the condenser and radiator.

Have a body shop look at it to search for more damage. You hit a deer so there will be more damage. Maybe a little but there should be more.

The radiator may be damaged. Have it checked. I have came close, but so far no deer strikes. Hopefully no serious damage.

Yes. I’ve even driven vehicles with no hoods for a short time.

Agree with meaneye, Keep an eye on coolant just to make sure you aren’t loosing any, and if you are going through insurance for repairs make sure the ac is working, as the condenser (ie kind of like a radiator for the ac system) is typically in front of the radiator and more likely to have been damaged. Drive on!

Sure. Just don’t hit anymore deer!
Would you rather absorb the cost of a new grill or a new radiator? The grill sacrificed itself to protect your radiator. If you should hit a deer, or a bird, again, wouldn’t it be nice to have a grill there?

It should be ok, provided you you’ll be taking on some risk that the truck in front of you will throw up a rock that will puncture your radiator. And as mentioned above, there could be other unseen damage from the deer accident. If this happened to me I wouldn’t be overly concerned with about-town driving, but I wouldn’t venture out on a high speed freeway trip longer than 10 miles or so.