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Can I buy car insurance only for 2 months?

The insurance for my car is due next month. I will be staying here only for 3 months and then leave the country after selling car.
Currently, it is with Geico. Do we have the option with any insurance, where I can just buy insurance for 2 or 3 months, rather than paying for a full 6 months?
Any suggestions?


Call them and find out. Typically you will get a pro-rated refund for unused coverage.


For a price you can buy anything. On line companies like Geico & Progressive might not be flexible. Call a local agent and I bet you will find someone willing to sell short coverage. Another alternate is see if you can pay monthly and stop paying when you sell the car.

Lots of folks end their policy early when they sell a car, move, switch companies etc. You get a refund, but it takes time.

For Pete’s sake John, just pickup your phone and start calling insurance companies. Start with Geico . Probably they will renew your current policy and make a refund when you cancel because you no longer need it.

I called Geico, they won’t do monthly.
I will call others too and will see if any company can be flexible.

Ask about the cancellation policy since you are already a customer. The last time I canceled an auto policy I had the refund check in 3 weeks.


Don’t ask for monthly. Pay for their regular time period - probably a year, maybe a half. But first ask about their refund procedure and what you need to do to cancel it and get a refund for the time not used.

I should have asked this, will do tomorrow. Thanks

Any carrier that would issue a month to month policy is most likely going to be a high risk customer type of carrier. A 2 month policy there will probably cost as much as your current 6 month policy.

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GEICO does 6 month renewals, IIRC. Do that and then cancel. They will refund the difference. I’ve gotten refunds from them before. Ask them about that.

Sure, will do

With Geico you can make any policy changes either by phone or online effective at midnight. In my state you would need proof that you surrendered the plates but I don’t know what they do in states where the plates stay with the car.

So does that mean EVERY car in your state with plates on it has insurance?

Either that or the State police have not contacted them to get the plates yet. And any time you are without insurance, the state will bill you for mandatory very expensive daily insurance on top of the fine you will get if you get caught actually driving without insurance. Your drivers license and registration are suspended until you can prove you are in compliance.

That doesn’t mean that enforcement is perfect. My daughter did not find out her license was suspended for 3 years until she went to renew her license. Her agent in the old city had notified the dmv when she did not renew her policy and the new policy in the place she had moved to should have cancelled that breach nut it didn’t. Took a lot of dealing with the insurance company and the DMV.

In my current state, insurance will not let you cancel until they see the plates have been surrendered to DMV. I would renew my current policy but on a monthly payment plan. That way no increase over what you pay now or waiting for big refund when you cancel in two months…

In my state the DMV is automatically notified by the companies when insurance lapses and if the tags haven’t been returned, you receive a notice from the DMV with a $150 fine and a hold on your drivers license renewal. If not resolved withing 30 days the fine goes to $7 per day.

The kicker is that if you have no “Proof of Insurance” and you’re involved in even the most minor accident and the police are called or receive a ticket , your car is immediately towed, impounded.and you’ll have to find your own way back home.

Ask them what their cancellation policy is.

if checking other insurance companies, ask how billing works even on a 12-mo policy

some places will sell 12-mo with payments made monthly, maybe with small finance charge on each payment
stop paying after two months and the policy will self cancel