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Can I add a temperature gauge to my Ford?

I drive a 2008 Ford Focus which has many extras, including SYNC and heated leather seats, but it does not have an outside temperature gauge. I am both a “weather person” and a runner so it’s important for me to know the outside temperature. I asked the dealer about installing one, and he said it couldn’t be done. But when the sun is shining just right, I can see the lettering on the dash for Interior and Exterior temperatures. This makes me think the foundation is there for a thermostat to be added. Can this be done? If not by a Ford dealer, by someone else? (I have tried the ones you buy at auto supply stores and hated that cord and mess.) And what was Ford thinking, not putting in a temp. gauge in '08? Most all other cars have had that feature for years. Do you have any ideas for me?

It came with heated leather seats but no outside temp? Weird.

According to the sites I checked the 2008 Focus doesn’t have that option. The dash panel used was apparently also used for other models that did have this feature.

Even if the Focus was not built with its own circuitry for an indoor/outdoor thermometer, you can always add your own as a separate accessory. Here’s one example for $8.99:

And a Google search will find additional models for you.

Try looking on line for the ones that have the read out in the rear view mirror. Buy one and have it installed Or find a shop that sells and installs them. I use add them for a dealer ( I was cheaper to use than their guys). Its not to hard. Just takes some time and a bit of know how.