Can Cold Weather Affect A Previously Patched Car Tire?

My wife’s 2008 Honda Accord had a tire patched last summer. The tire has since been rotated to the front. All was well until last week when we had our first big snow fall. The tire in question suddenly lost 10 pounds of air for some reason. The car had been sitting in about a foot of snow for a couple of days but none of the other tires had any air loss. Is this related to the previous tire repair? I then filled the tire up to 32 psi before departing on vacation and when I returned 7 days later, the tire had not lost any air. I am stumped. I routinely check tire pressure so I know the tires were at the correct pressure before the snow storm.

Kudos for monitoring your wife’s tire pressure.

Yes, a previously patched tire if not well done could become a leak again. Or, a new nail could have been acquired. The only way to know for sure is to get it checked.

Thanks. I am having it checked tomorrow. What I find confusing is that the tire did not lose any air after I refilled it. It has been a week with no loss of tire pressure. Do you think the cold weather could have made the patch contract and cause a leak? We have had no snow since the leak with milder tempuratures and sun during the day.

I will add that the valve stem hitting the curb, even just enough to bend it a little may cause it to lean, when it would not otherwise. I have also seen what appears to be a valve that does not always seal well. It may just need a new valve.

Not if it was properly done.

Last year I tore a sidewall on a granite curb (the curb just jumped up in front of me! Honest!). It was torn in such a way that if I pushed it from the outside with my finger the air came rushing out, but as long as it was under pressure from the inside it didn’t leak at all. I tenderly drove it about two miles to the tire store and it sat in the lot for about 1/2 hour waiting for them with no loss of air whatsoever. This was a first for me, but proved that nothing is impossible.