Can anyone ID this wire? Charging system issue

I need to see if anyone knows what this goes to or what its for. Im having a charging issue even after replacing both the battery and the alternator (came with new voltage regulator).

Edit: the wire is light green with a red stripe. The end that isn’t cut runs to the positive battery wire, and into the alternator. Or its at least lumped in with those.

I have a 1993 ford f250 with the 351/5.8L.

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As the schematic shows that wire operates the CHARGE warning light by grounding in the voltage regulator where it excites the fields to turn on the alternator.

Would that cause the battery not not charge or to place a heavy strain on the battery?

Without that wire making its connections the alternator will not turn on.I have seen a few alternators that would self excite and charge at a limited rate with that wire disconnected but that was on some Fords back in the good ole days. With the wire off your battery will discharge whenever the key is on whether the engine is running or not.

Sounds like im in for a bit of fun then… so, that connector, where is the wire supposed to lead? Is it supposed to be grounded or does it hook in elsewhere? Thats what i need to find, as well as the replacement part. I put this up in another thread hoping for some better schematics, got them. Just need clarification on it because im still fairly new to wiring diagrams.

Also, what would i search this under for a replacement part?

The wire connects to the voltage regulator which is attached to the alternator. When the key is on current passes through that wire to the regulator to the alternator where it passes through the rotor to initiate charging. Once charging is initiated current is fed back up the wire where it cancels the current from the key. Positive voltage on both sides of a circuit cancel each other so the light goes out.

I’ll add that my description is from earlier alternators and more recent ones perform all the same functions but have become more digital in the process. The actual operation of the light may be controlled with a PNP transistor once charging begins.

As for repair, is there any of the lt green/red wire still attached to the alternator? If so cut the connector off the harness end and splice the two bare ends together.

Ill have to open up the tube tomorrow, but it looks like ill have to go to the junkyard and see afterwards if I can find a connector with a little more line to splice.

You don’t need that connector. Just splice the wires together. If the ends won’t reach splice in a section of wire. For convenience in anticipation of replacing the alternator later splice in a spade connector available at any McParts store.

I’m sure you can find a small package of 5 or six connectors for a couple of bucks.

Yeah, I just want to keep the connector in place. If I can find a whole assembly ill run it that way. But if not, if I can get a connector with more wire ill reconnect the two.

I’d just replace that connector with a crimped spade connector pair as mentioned above, and before you do it plan to put some heat shrink tubing over the whole thing. If you need to disconnect you can always cut off the heat shrink. The heat shrink will help insulate against short circuits, and help it stay connected.