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Can a seized engine cause other mechanical failures?

Walmart didn’t screw in the filter after an oil change and the engine seized as a result. While they paid for a used engine replacement, the air conditioning and separate cooling system have failed since then. Could overheating cause other systems to fail early? It’s a 2009 Toyota Prius. I couldn’t get the drop down selector to work.

i would say no on the a/c. the compressor is a sealed system and only driven by the motor via a belt. describe how the a/c failed? compressor? a leak somewhere? hole in condenser?
the cooling system is powered via the waterpump which is attached to engine block. what failed in the cooling system? what is a cooling system failure? is your new used motor overheating?

An engine transplant is a big job. Lots of other components would need to be removed or moved. They may have had to break the sealed system to replace the engine. I have never worked on a Prius so don’t know… You might buy a shop manual for this car and see what steps are required for engine removal and replacement. I would say these failures could certainly be related.

The air conditioning system should have been recharged after the engine was installed, when did it fail?

There is a recall for the hybrid electric water pump, has it already been replaced by the recall?

If the filter/overheating incident is involved with the latter failures of the cooling system and AC, rather than the overheating being the cause, I think a better guess is the replacement engine wasn’t installed 100% correctly, and didn’t follow the precise steps as specified in the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. More likely than that however, the AC and cooling system problem would have occurred anyway, even if the oil filter problem didn’t occur. Suggest going forward to use a well-recommended independent shop staffed by experienced pro mechanics for your oil changes, rather than chains. I doubt an inde shop would charge much more than Walmart to do an oil and filter change anyway. Inde shops do that service on an almost no-profit basis, as a service for their customers. They hope the customers will be pleased with the no hassle result and come back to them for other services, at which point they’ll be able to make a little profit.