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Can a garage cause an intake manifold vacuum leak?

The fuel pump on my 2003 Saturn L200 went out last week, so we had it towed to the Saturn dealer. They replaced the fuel pump, the fuel filter and installed what they called a new “sender kit”. On the way home from the dealer, we started to hear a sound like the engine was racing - and even sort of a rumbling sound when the accelerator was engaged on an uphill climb. We took it back to the dealer the next morning, and their diagnosis was a n intake manifold vacuum leak. Is it purely coincidence that this appeared during the day the car was in the shop, or could someone have accidentally or otherwise caused this leak to occur? To follow a $1000 repair immediately with another $280 charge seems just a bit much to take.

The fuel pump and sending unit are inside the gas tank. The filter is either in the tank or very near it under the car. Both are at the rear of the vehicle.

The intake manifold gasket is located between the intake manifold and the cylinder head(s) of the engine, at the front of the car.

While it’s not impossible that there’s a connection, it’s unlikely.

I agree with Mcp, but on another point, you might want to take a deep breath for the next shock.

Unless you have a cheap tech/shop, intake manifold gasket replacement will cost three times that amount. The average repair cost has run between $700 and $900.

Take the vehicle to a different shop and have a coolant pressure test done to test for a coolant leak.

Have you noticed any coolant loss from the coolant reservoir bottle?

Look at the bottom of the oil filer cap, is the oil a milky color?

There has been some kind of small coolant leak as seen on the garage floor, but not particularly noticeable in the reservoir.

If there is a small leak, AND the water pump is mounted outside the timing cover, you might want to use a flashlight and inspect the weep hole in the pump for coolant leakage.

It’s a very small (telltale) hole that allows coolant to escape if the seal needs replacing.

Other than the water pump, check all the coolant hoses (particularly around the clamped portion of the hose) including the two heater hoses.

Some coolant hoses will leak when cold rather than when hot, as the rubber contracts as it cools. (leaving a loose clamp)

you should work on them yourself i don’t trust any garage i think they sabatoged it the “sender kit” i beleive is just your gas guage in the tank wich unless your guage wasn’t working there was no reason to replace that and charge you money

L200 is the 4 cylinder and Saturn has a history with intake manifold gaskets. $280 is about the right price, actually just a tad bit high but in the ball park.

The L300 has the v6 and that one is a lot more expensive to do.

I think its a modular unit, but it should not have been a separate charge.