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Can a bad alternator/battery cause a kick during acceleration?

I am driving a 2003 VW Jetta Wagon GLS automatic which I bought new. The 26,000 miles on it are almost all driving the stop-and-go hills-and-dales of San Francisco. During the past two years it’s started an erratic behavior: as it accelerates from 2nd into 3rd, the car sometimes kicks/lurches. But only occasionally. The dealer was unable to reproduce this kick. Their diagnostics say the transmission is behaving normally but tests noted the battery load charge results are not quite right. Acknowledging that they don’t know what the problem actually is, they recommend replacing both battery and alternator components. A $970+ repair – and then recheck for this fault. Anybody got experience or advice to offer on this one? How bad/dangerous is this situation?

Without viewing the exacts specs. you are refering to, I must say do not expect this repair to change your transmissions shift behavior.

Thanks for the comment. The technician’s printout is hard to read, but I think it states “Problem with Charging Voltage - Load off: 14.16V, Load on: 12.77V. Diode Ripple: Normal.” All other test readings were normal.

Ask around for a decent transmission shop. Your battery and alternator are not the problem (and a $1,000 price for their replacement is robbery).