Can a 2018 Toyota Prius tow a light camper?

Can I tow a light camper, 1000 - 1200 lbs, with a 2018 Prius?

What towing capacity does your owner’s manual state?

People have towed that much with previous generations but it’s not recommended by Toyota, the manual says not to even install a hitch.

In other markets such as the UK these are rated for about 1,500lbs

Straight from the owners manual

“Toyota does not recommend towing a trailer with your vehicle.
Toyota also does not recommend the installation of a tow hitch
or the use of a tow hitch carrier for a wheelchair, scooter, bicycle,
etc. Your vehicle is not designed for trailer towing or for the
use of tow hitch mounted carriers.”


Is there any mention of what risks you are incurring by trying this?

What is likely or unlikely to happen?

What is the company concerned with if it is rated in other markets for 1,500lbs?

You have a very complex vehicle with a factory warranty so you should be talking to the dealer for actual facts as to what might be voided by towing. I myself would not do it .

I am the admin at the FB Prius club and people frequently show images of Prius cars towing light loads. Personally, I’d rent a vehicle for that trip and if I needed to tow (a light load) frequently would look at one of the fuel efficient compact crossovers. The RAV4 Hybrid can tow up to 1,750 pounds and the RAV4 Adventure (non-hybrid) can tow up to 3,500 pounds. Both are all new in the fall. Info here from one of our partner sites if interested.

If you install a hitch for a bike carrier (50lbs) I can bet you will try and use car to tow a light trailer. I have no worries about using a bike rack. Toyo is just trying to prevent issues. The regen braking is not designed for the extra weight of a trailer.

Neither is the electric motor or transmission.